Sensory Journeys: Place and Community Building

When we arrived in Iceland, the 24 hours of daylight and the breathtaking surroundings—from the view outside our windows to the paths we walked towards the pool—immersed us in a surreal experience. The limited resources available pushed us to become incredibly resourceful, prompting us to craft new recipes from what we had. Observing how the same few ingredients, like potatoes and mushrooms, could be transformed in numerous ways by drawing on our past experiences was a remarkable lesson in creativity and adaptability.

Connecting dots and creating art from and with nature 🙂

Photo taken by Sharmistha Kar _During our Natural dye material forging session

Spending time in nature, often going on long walks with friends, allowed each of us to interact with the environment according to our unique creative practices. Dale used found plastic and sand to create new artworks, Sabrina painted with sand, while I collected materials to explore the interplay between fossil fuels and natural elements. Sharmi, meanwhile, planned to observe the sea and its sounds to inspire her tapestry work.

Writing letters to my Grandmother from Ocean of Iceland to the Desert of Rajasthan, India

Getting inspired by nature’s bounty

Throughout these experiences, we shared moments of laughter and fatigue, yet the rejuvenating swims in natural hot springs and the awe-inspiring landscape continually inspired us. This environment fostered a deep connection with nature and among ourselves, driving our creativity and collaborative spirit.

Made sprouted Moong-Daal salad for one of our communal dinner (we had many and enjoyed every bit of it with everyone’s recipes.

Friends from our last supper together in the Blönduós

Love to Blönduós


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