The Bouncing Sun

It is almost as if time stands still here- leaving only the wind and the birds to move.

My body itches, and because time stands still- I cannot.

The sun seems not to move either, it does not breathe, it does not sleep, it does not rest.

I cannot rest, because of it.

Endless hours mean endless days and endless possibilities for movement and ideas.

My feet call to move, and if there is no darkness, then there is no stopping.

I hike into the sunset at midnight to the cliffs where the seagulls nest in the rocks.

I am watched by the faces of the horses, seals, and gulls that wonder why I am also up.

I join them in their midnight awareness, as I sit on the rocks and watch the gulls fly.

I wish to be a gull that hides in the rocks or a seal that swims to the deep- but I am me, and I have legs.

The light does not leave as the sun goes down, but circles back.

As if the universe made a ball of rubber bounce off the horizon.

As I hike out through the sunrise,

rays of light touch my shoulders as I make my way towards bed.