Say hello to the sky, and it will answer you.

The sky here in Iceland is a powerful presence that transforms the day, minute by minute. It may choose to cover the mountains in the distance, as if to hug them tight and let them rest during the endless sunlight. It moves clusters of clouds, exposes the tireless sunshine, shows off its brightest and most vibrant rainbows, and sprinkles raindrops on the hills of green. The Icelandic sky’s best artworks, however, are its magnificent sunsets and sunrises. The pinks and purples mix with the yellows and blues to create the most stunning artworks for all to appreciate.
The sky is alive. It breathes, smiles, cries, and sleeps. Make sure to greet it in the morning, thank it for its energy, be present in its beauty, and love it for all that it is.

Catherine Faiello