fragile like an ending

My body loves the truth of summer
the tethered axis of cold rain
like a clock perturbing
the heat. 
I’m quiet for once
the heavy sheets flocking our window.
A feathered light along my eye
a suture once the wind comes in.
I don’t look up.
but still notice this horizon
dipping out of practice
“it forgot to take the light down with it.”
the salt of evenings
brushed from my hair
and I don’t know yet
what’s familiar in this place
I hold my hand out to the rain
How skin when wet 
sticks to history.

How I can be an open window.
How I can breathe into new shapes.
I’m left to wonder once the days
and life are spent
once it’s all nebula and dry grass
how the wreck of time might soothe these blisters.
How all my friends might hold a love inside
that heals in molecular ways.  
It makes me want to say 
“look at this place.
where the sun kisses you
like it kisses me right now.”
so i say it.