Iceland Field School, Day 1 | June 1, 2018

View from the edge of the Icelandic Textile Centre’s property, looking towards the mouth of the Blanda River, its sandbar and the sea of the Húnaflói beyond. Photo: Kathleen Vaughan

Day one of the month-long Iceland Field School here in Blönduós. 13 Concordia university students, BFA to PhD, are here with me, developing their own research and creation projects in conversation with this very special context: the people, creatures and places. The long light-filled days are particularly conducive to exploration, reflection and transformation! (The photo above was shot at midnight yesterday, when I finally turned on indoor light to help my hand stitching.)

Thank you to Textilsetur Islands/the Icelandic Textile Centre (especially Jóhanna Erla Palmadóttir) and Concordia University for believing in this project and helping me bring it into being.