Iceland Field School Day 13 | June 13, 2018

Hello, beauty! Iceland is full of remarkable creatures.  In the Northwest there are reportedly more sheep and horses than people. This equine wonder came to say hello across the electrified fence during my evening walk. How fortunate am I to be here!

(Apologies for the audio quality: it is remarkably windy tonight!)

A blue- or moon-eyed, bald-faced horse with characteristic white points and belly band, in the field about 4 kilometres outside Blönduós. I asked around, but never did find out his name. He was not gelded and so almost certainly a stud horse who traveled the local circuit. After a week of visits, he would see me coming from the other side of the paddock, and come running. Then he disappeared, gone elsewhere to sow his wild oats, we guessed! Photo: Kathleen Vaughan