Iceland Field School Day 15 | June 15, 2018

Jóhanna (standing at right) helps our newest knitters with Icelandic tricks and techniques. Photo: Katharina Schneider.

We had parallel knitting workshops at the Icelandic Textile Residency  for beginners — some of our crew had never before held knitting needles — and those who were a little more advanced. Such fun and BIG thanks to Jóhanna Erla Pálmadóttir and Gudrun Hannele Henttinen  for their knowledge, patience and good humour!

Hannele (above), from the luxurious Reykjavik knitting store, Storkurinn, offers more advanced techniques for knitters with some experience, and delights us with beautiful stitch samplers ( below). Photos: Kathleen Vaughan

Iceland Field School participant Dominique Turk sports her newly knit headband. Dom was one of our first time knitters, someone who really took to the practice! Photo: Kathleen Vaughan