Inspired by Seals

I have always been very interested in folklore, and especially the tales of Selkies. Ever since I learned of Selkies, I have been very inspired by them. For those who haven’t heard of these magical creatures before, they come from celtic and norse folklore. A selkie is a half-woman half-seal, sort of like a mermaid except they transition from one to the other by putting on or taking off what is called a selkie coat. In some tales, they lose their coats or their coats are hidden from them by men who have fallen in love with their woman form. I enjoy the stories most where the selkies return to the sea in the end.

This month, I got the chance to see some seals myself for the very first time. I was immediately inspired to create the drawing attached below. The drawing is made from paper that was dyed with lupin, ink, stamps, embroidery thread, and beads. The embroidery thread represents the threads that make their coats, either setting them free or boxing them in. I used beads that mimic the colours I’ve seen around the ocean shores.