« My » Blönduós Photo Album

Some rules to help you create “Your” own Blönduós Photo Album:

  • Find pictures taken by previous visitors of Blönduós on the Internet. That way, you will get a great preview of what the place looks like. I found 779 photos.
  • Focus on one topic of your choice. You will find that the river, the seashore, horses, sheep (so cute!), hotel rooms, and dishes at B&S restaurant are favorites. I chose: Textiles. I found 25 pictures that showed something related to textiles.
  • Get to Blönduós and then try to go to and stand in the exact same spot as the visitor who took the pictures you selected.
  • Take two pictures. For the first one try to take the exact same picture. Do not cheat. Same frame, same angle. The strong winds on the hills will certainly help you with this task, so will the mannequins at the museum (!).
  • Second: take a picture of your selected picture in your next picture. Well, examples below.

Here is the Kvennaskólinn, our studio and our house. Hint: If you want to get this one, you will have to climb a hill.

Below is the mysterious store. When I showed the picture to the owner to confirm that I was in the right place, she sighed and said: “Yes, and then Covid happened”. The store will be closing soon and will move to a more central location next to the grocery store. She will be selling much needed yarns and other precious materials for us, fiber artists.

Here is a picture of the Textile Museum where I found most of “my” pictures (17 + 1):

Here are some of my best finds: A collection of historical Icelandic costumes. From the 18th century faldbúningur to the more modern 20th century upphlutur and peysuföt, with charming details.

Please come with me on a short visit of the Textile Museum collection.

All I can say about this one is that I have noticed that her work has not progressed much…

And I saved my favorite for last. One of the mannequins decided to sit down.

Even though I am still not sure why visitors would take the time to post close-ups of historical textiles on a tourist website, I am really glad they did. And I was really happy to be able to also enjoy all the landscape shots as well!

There are 5 photos for which I could not find the precise spot where they were taken. Three were from a past exhibition at the museum, and to most likely the other two were taken in the store.

Last night, I browsed through all of the 779 photos of Blönduós I found before coming here. It is amazing how I now have a much better sense of this wonderful place. I can even know from which angle each of the pictures of the river were taken! And I had a great time at the museum for sure.

Thank you past visitors! You turned my stay here into a quest and great textile adventure!