drawing sound

I grew up in a rural part of quebec city, not quite farmland today, but still sloping and grassy. My parent’s house was a combined home with a fisher’s dorm built by a father and his sons in the mid 19th century. This area was mostly developed as logging lands due to its proximity to the jacques cartier river. With time, modern developments began to surge around this 18 person county, turning it into a blended suburb, part bungalow, part country home. I spent a lot of time thinking about history while living here, imprints and renovation fitting one into the other as a strange form of preservation. I often wondered which steps i was repeating, what practices preceded mine, what language, what songs. I felt the same way about the Kvennaskólinn. This made me curious about the effects of history on a body living in an “old” place. I wanted to explore that in the sound work I did for my project. The collected audio is from moments of warm conversation, but I wanted to process it, a little like I did with my texts, through different software in order to create dialogue between memory and haunting. I was curious about the effects of sound on the interior space, what might already be retained in the walls of this school, and the traces we created while there.