Ice or Newfound? A photo comparison of these two Atlantic Lands

When exploring the coast of Iceland, nothing could prepare me for the striking similarities I found between there and my home island of Newfoundland. The craggy shore, the jutting cliffs, and the water that sweeps around you in an endless roar – it all reminded me of the water I grew up on, and the land that sheltered its people from the world beyond. In this post, I decided I will keep it simple and share a variety of photos taken in both Newfoundland and Iceland in order to compare, contrast, and imagine how these landscapes were shaped both simultaneously and thousands of kilometres apart.

I should add: all of these photos were taken completely coincidentally. It was only when I returned home and went through my photos of Iceland did I notice these striking similarities to older photographs I had of Newfoundland.  

Daniel Rumbolt (he/him)
Student, MFA Fibres and Material Practices