Iceland Field School Day 16 | June 16, 2018

Soccer frenzy!

During June/July 2018, Iceland was playing soccer in the World Cup, the smallest nation to qualify. Of course, people from all over the country were cheering on their team, mostly players who work part-time in other jobs to make ends meet. The June 16 Iceland::Argentina game was billed as the biggest in Iceland’s history and was enjoyed by dozens from all around Blönduós on the big screen at the community centre or Ömmukaffi, a favourite local coffee house. Thousands gathered in public spaces in Reykjavik to watch the game together and engage in the famous Icelandic ‘thunder clap,’ the defining feature of this country’s fandom — and of this celebrated Coca-Cola commercial, directed by goalkeeper Hannes Halldórsson.

Iceland Field School students sport pro-Iceland colours at the Community Centre, where they cheered the team to a 1:1 tie with Argentina. Impressive playing! Photo: Kathleen Vaughan